New supplier validation policy

apetito supplier policy

New supplier validation

Our suppliers are an important part of our success, and we have a rigorous approval process to ensure we select the correct partners for our business.

Trading will commence only once this process is complete and authorised by the appropriate apetito Ltd employee nominating the supplier. This procedure will help to ensure instances of FRAUD or poor trading practice are eliminated, protecting both apetito Ltd and the supplier.

IMPORTANT - If you’ve been asked to provide goods or services to apetito Ltd before our approval process is complete please STOP IMMEDIATELY. apetito Ltd will not under any circumstances accept liability for goods or services placed outside this process.

All genuine apetito orders will be supplied with an apetito Purchase Order (PO) Number. If you are unsure if a PO number is genuine please email and we will investigate and advise if the order is valid.


New supplier set-up

Prior to commencement of trading, a potential supplier will be issued the apetito Ltd “Purchasing Standard Terms and Conditions” which will govern our business relationship. 

The new supplier will need to prove that they are capable of delivering goods or services that are fit for purpose, to a consistently high standard of quality, in a safe and timely manner and at a competitive price.

It is the responsibility of the apetito employee requesting the new supplier set-up to ensure that they have benchmarked the new supplier with competitors and other current comparable suppliers, and that the potential supplier will meet apetito standards for compliance (including anti-bribery, modern day slavery, money laundering etc).

Once this initial review has been completed, the apetito requester will arrange for the potential supplier to be issued with the apetito New Vendor Set-up” form. This document requires the supplier details that will be used to set-up in SAP, including key contacts and bank details. The supplier will also be credit checked.

The completed form should be sent to, which will be verified with the supporting documents. Correctly completed and approved supplier details will be input into SAP. On completion, Finance will notify the apetito employee requester and the approved supplier by email. Only after confirmation the supplier is approved from should a supplier receive valid apetito Ltd purchase orders.

If you have any questions or would like any further information on this process please contact