Staff and visitor catering

Hospital meals for visitors and staff

Staff and visitor catering in hospitals is now a breeze with our ground-breaking Multi-Plus range.

In a busy hospital environment, where patients’ culinary needs are paramount, it can be all too easy to overlook staff and visitor meals.

At apetito, we believe that delicious, nutritious food is essential for everyone, which is why we’ve spent the last five years developing a ground-breaking new range. Created to give staff and visitors the first-class dining experience they deserve.

multi-plus range for staff and visitor catering

Multi-Plus allows chefs to provide restaurant standard food – every time – for every meal. Quality ingredients, a versatile menu and a fresh approach mean that customers get to enjoy flavoursome, healthy food, created by chefs allowed to exercise their creative flair.

Kitchen staff can choose from a large selection of single-portion mains, toppings, sides and sauces and then combine them in different, innovative ways. This enables a larger selection of healthy, hot meals to be creatively prepared with less waste and minimal fuss while keeping tight budgets in mind and fluctuating demands for staff and visitor catering.

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