Nursery meals FAQs

How It Works

How does your service work?

Can I try your food before becoming a customer?

I don't have much space within my setting – can I still use your service?

How quickly can I use your service?

How much does apetito's nursery meal service cost?

I use packed lunches within my setting, can I still use apetito?

Where is your food sourced from?

How do I place an order?

We don’t have much space within our setting—is your service still suitable?


How is your food delivered?

Do you deliver in my area?

How is your food delivered?

Do you deliver daily?

Allergens & Safety

What measures do you take to ensure your food is safe?

Can you support with parent concerns?

Can you support with allergens and intolerances?

Cooking & Serving

Will I need additional equipment?

How do you prepare your meals?

Do your meals come as individual portions?

Do you offer lunch and lighter options?

Do I need a chef?

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