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Home delivery services

Let us take the strain off cooking for yourself or a loved one with delicious meals on wheels made in the UK — delivered straight to your door. Choose from daily home delivery meals or a regular delivery of meals for your freezer through Wiltshire Farm Foods.

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Meals on Wheels for Local Authorities

We  deliver  award-winning  food  that’s  delicious,  nutritious  and  ethical  —  both  to  seniors  living  at  home  and  local  authorities.

Our  award-winning  meals  on  wheels  menu  is  extensive  and  include  specialist  meals  like  vegetarian  meals  on  wheels,  easy-to-swallow  dysphagia  meals,  and  mini  meals  extra  —  expertly  crafted,  small  portion,  meals  that  come  packed  with  nutritional  value.
Home delivery service

Home Delivery Services

Let  us  take  the  strain  off  cooking  for  yourself  or  a  loved  one  with  delicious  meals  on  wheels  made  in  the  UK  —  delivered  straight  to  your  door.  We  provide  nutritious  meals  on  wheels  to  almost  every  part  of  the  UK,  and  you  can  choose  from  daily  home  delivery  meals  or  a  regular  delivery  of  meals  for  your  freezer  through  Wiltshire  Farm  Foods.

How it works:

Our  friendly  and  qualified  drivers  will  deliver  meals  to  your  loved  ones  every  day  and  check-in  to  make  sure  they’re  happy  and  well.  Because  our  service  is  so  much  more  than  just  hot  meals  delivered  to  your  door. 

In  fact,  you  can  rely  on  our  drivers  to: 

  • Be a friendly face checking in daily
  • Follow set alert procedures if there is a problem
  • Be trustworthy
  • Immediately call a friend or relative if there are any issues or concerns

Meals on Wheels for Local Authorities

Cost-efficient and flexible community meal services to suit every local authority budget.

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