High quality food for events and conferences

Great food is integral to quality conferences and events. Customers expect exciting, personalised food options for their delegates – and we’re here to help.

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apetito can simplify your conference and events catering

As the host of an event or conference, catering can make or break your delegates’ experience. The increased complexity of catering puts pressure on business margins, consistency of food quality and the demands placed on the kitchen.
Our large and varied range of dining options are continuously improved and extended, keeping up with consumer demand for choice, on-trend, healthy and personalised options.
By choosing apetito for your events and conference catering, you'll never need to worry about:
  • the availability of skilled chefs
  • the rising costs of food ingredients
  • the need to provide for specialist diets

We can help you...

Deliver consistent quality

We work with you to remove the need for a large catering team while improving the quality and consistency of meals.

Reduce your wastage

Food wastage heavily impacts on a venue's profit as well as the planet. Our meals are frozen for freshness so you only use what you need, saving the rest for another day.

Accurately predict portion sizes

Our meals are pre-portioned providing accurate cost control and confidence in nutrition.

Protect against shrinking margins

With tightening customer budgets and rising costs, protect your revenue and margins by simplifying your operations and reducing wastage.

Transform your delegate food offering

Guarantee quality nutrition

Customers and delegates expect a high variety of foods that are nutritious, delicious and healthy. All our food is approved by our in-house dietitians and nutritionist, giving absolute confidence to the end customer, and you as the event or conference host.

Prepare 200+ meals in 15 minutes

Our range of foods deliver quality meals and the flexibility to create meal combinations quickly and simply. This enables you to offer customers extensive choice, remain within budget and protect business margins – all while safely dealing with allergens.

Tailored training and support

Our experienced team deliver a consultancy-based approach to understand your business and catering aspirations and objectives. This enables us to deliver a customised training and implementation plan with continued on-going support to ensure that you deliver your catering objectives.
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We pride ourselves on going above and beyond; ensuring that each and every customer delivers a competitive and profitable conferencing and events catering model.

Mark SmalleyConferencing and Events Development Manager, apetito
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